New to Nostr?

So, new to Nostr? Want to know what it’s all about? For now, I am happy to talk you through it over the phone/whatsapp. DM me on Twitter at PaulJonesAIR.


Nostr is new social media. You can’t be banned, shadowbanned or denied banking. Everything is a work in progress, so, it’s messy, get used to it, because, like with all social media, the rewards for being on early are HUGE in terms of followers and MONEY later on.

An example of messy, all the Clients are being built by individuals, so they are all different and do different things. Try them, find what you like.

  • IPhone : Damus app
  • Android : Iris and Amethyst seem popular
  • Web : and Start with Snort. Nostrgram is great, but complicated.

Step 1 : Go to, generate keys, keep them safe.

Step 2 : On, in search type in PaulJonesAIR and follow me. Then click on FOLLOWERS and then FOLLOW ALL. This FOLLOW ALL is really cool, and only on Snort. Snort also has a file store attached, so you can just upload images like on Twitter.

Step 3 : You’ll Get a wallet. You’ll need a wallet to collect the money people send you. I use the browser wallet, (because it has cool tools for selling content via the website), others like Wallet of Satoshi. Plenty other wallets exist, but in the context of Nostr, they seem the best two.

Basic Intro

Nostr is a protocol. Not a company. No Musk or Zuck in charge. There are Clients (software on your device) and Relays (like this one).

ANYONE can run a Relay and impose their rules on their Relay.

So – censorship – you cannot be thrown off Nostr, only thrown off individual Relays. So, on Nostr, you find your people, and join them.

Our Relay at is one that welcomes adult content and discussion, and is pro sex work, sexwork, porn creators etc. Its based outside the USA so FSSW are welcome too.

How Notes work

When you write a post, it’s called a Note.

Notes you write are sent FROM your Client, to ALL the Relays that you can write to – one of which should be

Notes are read by your Client simply saying to all the Relays that it reads “I follow these people, send me anything new, and also, anything else according to whatever criteria I set”.

The main takeway – you and your contact need to have at least ONE Relay in common. In the context of our industry, everyone – industry, fans, supporters – should be on No doubt other adult friendly relays will follow.

Now, you’ll have spotted that while is fine with porn, if you are sending to lots of relays, what about the ones that aren’t. Right now, doesn’t matter. Relay operators say that USERS should just mute people who post stuff they don’t like. There are also Sensitive Content options written into Nostr, but not built yet. These will all come later.


Nostr is integrated with bitcoin – you’ll see it written as Lightning Network, LN or sats.

You can sell content direct. YOU GET 100% of the money, instantly. It goes from their wallet to yours. We don’t touch it.

You don’t like bitcoin? Fine, when it arrives turn it into cash. Plenty of ways to do that.

Get Started

This is the very simple version :-

Go to, create a key pair (no phone number or email needed), and start. MAKE SURE YOU PRINT* AND KEEP YOUR KEYS SAFE

In Relays, AFTER paying to join this one, add it to the list. Relay addresses start wss:// so wss://

Then start to play around. There are lots of Clients, and all are changing every day. Damus for iPhones, Amethyst and Iris for Android, slightly oddball but brilliant Coracle and for the web

*Yes I know this is iffy security. I’ll get letters. But, do it until you have a better solution