The Rules and Terms and Conditions

These are the terms of service for; please read them before using


If you want to get booted, be an idiot.

Not sure what we might construe to be idiotic behaviour? Use your judgement. But if the answer to, “could my post be construed as insulting/troublemaking?”, is YES, you are being an idiot.

Booted people may be able to rejoin, or may be blacklisted and banned from this relay.

There is no appeal system. Don’t like this relay? Run your own.


Right now only one off charges can be levied, but that won’t support the service long term. We will need to charge a regular fee at some point. When that point comes we MIGHT keep existing people at no charge, or move everyone to regular. You paid 6969sats, that’s less than a cup of coffee. We expect any regular fee to be less than $1 per month.


This is an adult relay. Adult content may happen.

YOU are responsible for your posts and how they interact with the law where you live. That said :-

This is NOT a US based Relay. FSSW are welcome and may post freely.

SELLING content is allowed. (Example, posting a trailer and saying “Zap me 90000sats for the scene”).

EVERYTHING must be UK legal. As relay operators we like to keep very clear blue water between what is posted here and what could be considered extreme porn under UK law. Short version – no pissing on people, no blood (not even fake), no faeces (not even fake), no oversized or edged objects, no harm or things that if “tried at home by an uninformed person” could cause harm to them of their partner. We don’t make the rules, and not only do we not want content that might break them, we don’t want content that makes us ask about the possibility.

Obviously anything that is illegal all over, must not be posted.


This service (and supporting services) are provided “as is”, without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including but not limited to the warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and noninfringement.

By connecting to this relay, you agree:

  • To not engage in spam
  • To not flood
  • To not expect content moderation
  • To not misuse or abuse the relay service and other supporting services
  • To not disseminate illegal content or material.
  • That requests to delete content you published cannot be guaranteed
  • That this relay has no control over any content published in other relays
  • That some services, such as but not limited to the privilege to publish content may require payment(s)
  • That charge backs from payments may result in the termination of the privilege to use the service
  • That the service might be revoked to you at the operator’s sole discretion if found in violation of these terms
  • That the terms of service may change at any time in the future without explicit notice
  • To grant us the necessary rights to your content to provide the service to you and to other users for an unlimited time
  • To use the service in compliance with all laws, rules, and regulations applicable to you
  • To use the service in good faith and not seek to get the relay operator(s) in trouble
  • That the service may throttle, rate limit or revoke your access to any content and/or your privilege to publish content for any reason
  • That the content you publish to this relay will be further broadcasted to any interested client and/or accepting relay
  • To not infringe on the right of others to publish content to this relay as allowed by the terms of service
  • That this service is not targeted, nor intended for use by, anyone under the legal age in their respective jurisdiction
  • To be of legal age or have sufficient legal constent, permission and capacity to use this service
  • That the service may be temporarily shutdown or permanently terminated at any time and without notice
  • That the content published by you and other users may be removed at any time and without notice and for any reason
  • To have your IP address and/or public key collected for the purpose of detecting abuse, spam or misuse
  • To have your IP address and/or public key in full, truncated, or as a hash digest shared with interested clients and other accepting relays for the sole purpose of reporting abuse, spam or misuse
  • To cooperate with the relay and its operators for the purpose of combating abuse, spam or misuse of the service

In addition you understand that:

  • Nostr is a decentralized and distributed network of relays that relays data by users.
  • Censorship resistance is practiced by posting to multiple relays and running your own private relay.
  • The responsibility of filtering and moderating is the sole responsibility of the users and not of the relays.
  • You may be inadvertently exposed to content that you might find triggering, disturbing, distasteful, immoral or against your views.
  • The relay operator is not liable and has no involvement in the type, quality and legality of the content being produced by users of the relay.