Web front end to the world’s first (est. Feb 2023) sex positive and adult industry Nostr Relay :-


Win a Portrait! Every week a member will win a portrait by the amazing VelvetBlue_art. She did the one of me as a devilishly Bad Butler.

It is for :-

  • Anyone who wants to join – the view is amazing -, but if you are not in the industry, be supportive of it, and polite to the members.
  • We welcome fans, clients, allies, FSSW, porn people, service providers and support industries like toys, clothes, furniture, web design.

Paid Relay Fee – 6969sats to join (but see Membership Options)

DO NOT JOIN if you are under 18. We will implement Age Verification in due course.

New to Nostr? Start here.

The Rules (and T&C)

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Twitter I’m @PaulJonesAIR, will answer anything.